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1932 Ford Roadster
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1932 Ford Roadster Old school hot rodding evolved from the mainstay it is today. In its early beginnings, the best way for a car to go faster was to reduce weight. That meant getting rid of anything that was absolutely not necessary body-wise...this starts with the obvious, hood, fenders, top and any external things like bumpers, lights etc. Then move to the interior where you would just have a bucket with two seats. And so, it plays out, starting from the roots of hot rodding, in those early days in California, and all to see who can go the fastest! For consignment, a custom-built Gibbon body, a fire and ice paint job, and a 350ci V8 with fuel injection give us the basics for this Hot Rod, and indeed it is hot in more ways than one. Built over 19 years ago and still looking good, with a mere 7,916 miles on the odometer, it is a bright star in the hallowed halls of Classic Auto Mall, this 1932 Roadster Hot Rod from which emanates a cool burning fire in the north hallway I can hear from the showroom. Exterior This rod wins with its airbrushed cool flame job. The fiberglass body is just perfect and bathed in an endlessly deep magenta paint that may be hot to the touch, so stay back! If you get burnt by the paint, the flames will get you cooled off as they lick rearward in icy purple and blue from the grille and radiator surrounding the back of the closed cowled hood. She\'s closed off in the name of streamlining, and besides...there\'s no need to advertise what lurks under the hood. No fenders or running boards with a raked rearward dual pane glass windshield slightly tinted, (to shield your eyes from the ultra-bright paint!). Up top is a removable fiberglass roof, and for those inclement weather days, clip-in side curtains are included. On the back of the rounded rear is a clean smoothed roll pan, flush mounted oval taillights and the chrome tips of the exhaust. Contrasting and adding bling is all chromed open suspension which is near perfect. In front are 18-inch polished Budnik wheels wrapped by 215/35ZR18\'s, but we must note the driver\'s front wheel has a few sizable bends in the outer edge of the rim and should be straightened, and on back more Budnik polished beauties this time in 20-inch and wrapped in 285/35ZR20\'s. Icy but hot,...we have a 4 alarmer!! Interior I needed a chance to cool off after that exterior, but was out of luck with the smoking hot magenta tweed for the interior, past paneled and heavily padded tweed and vinyl door panels and into the beautifully crafted bench which uses the interplay of the contours and tuck and roll for the near body matching tweed to create this awesome interior. A simple exterior body matching dash with the central billet style oval bezel is filled with digital gauges and has a Lokar short shaft shifter directly below with a magenta boot. This all floats in a spicy sea of magenta tweed flooring and is protected by darker magenta carpeted mats, very nice. A magenta lap belt keeps the driver secure on their side of the big bench. Noted and a shout out to the adjustable steering column in brushed aluminum, with a grooved 2 spoke aluminum steering wheel atop...round the bend she goes. Cool! Drivetrain Tilting the hood to the side reveals 350 cubes of tuned port power. EFI feeds this mill, and it is topped with aluminum cylinder heads. All bolt ons, including the valve coverings and intake manifold have been polished to the nines or are chromed, perfectly blingy! A 700R4 4-speed automatic tranny is on back and a Ford 9-inch pumpkin spins the rear tires. Now you are definitely getting warmer. Undercarriage Another work of art and passionate about it looking good where it\'s rarely seen. This undercarriage is absolutely beautiful with all magenta and chromed surfaces shined like a diamond. If it\'s not chrome or stainless it\'s finished in a near flawless application of body matching magenta. Power disc brakes, courtesy of Wilwood, adorn all 4 corn