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2017 Dodge Challenger
Engine: 6.2L Supercharged HEMI


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

This 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a blackout machine that delivers over 700 horsepower to the streets. And while you want a Hellcat for its legendary muscle, this one is also going to catch your eye for being loaded with plenty of options, including many you don\'t often find elsewhere. So it\'s time to dig into all the details on this mean muscle Mopar.

Black, the exact factory color you want on a mean machine like this. It has a hard and dark shine that makes you think they forged the body panels out of onyx. And we know you\'re looking for mature care on a coupe like this. So it\'s nice to see the panels looking good, and the paint has the right look of mindful use for a low mileage car. The other thing you want on a Hellcat is attitude. So this one adds extra distinction to its dark heart with optional carbon fiber-style sport stripes. They run over the top of the car like stealthy streaks that draw added attention to the big hood scoop, and they go nicely with the matte black pieces like the front splitter, gas cap, rear splitter, and full-width rear spoiler. If the exclusive Hellcat badging didn\'t already attract enough attention, the big red Brembo brake calipers glowing from behind the black 20-inch forged SRT wheels make this Mopar look like it\'s out for blood.

There\'s even more darkness that awaits you inside. But more than just a pure performance machine, this one also likes to give you a proper premium experience. The form-hugging bucket seats are done in leather with suede-like inserts, and the side panels and rear seats are done to match. The carbon fiber stripes on the outside have a hint of silvery gray, and that goes well with the center console insert as well as the contrast stitching on the seats, doors, steering wheel, and dash. So while this is a mean machine, it also has the right sense of style. This modern muscle car is loaded with the best modern features, including dual-zone A/C climate control, a power driver\'s seat, power windows, power locks, keyless entry & ignition, cruise control, power steering, dual front airbags, and side airbags. The center of this interior is a premium touchscreen that runs all the luxury and technology features, including Bluetooth, a backup camera, satellite navigation, and a full set of race-ready apps. The power sunroof is a rarely seen option in the Hellcat, but it makes for some extra fun. After all, just imagine opening it up and rolling down the windows so that you can get immersed in the growl from the monster under the hood.

The engine bay is stuffed with Mopar muscle. We were all in awe of Dodge taking the fuel-injected 6.2-liter HEMI V8 and then adding a supercharger on top. Use the special red key, and this Hellcat knows to unleash the full 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. And you\'ll especially love being in complete control of this beastly V8 with the factory six-speed manual transmission. The engineers made sure that this was more than just a big motor and big power machine. It has a sport-tuned fully independent suspension, big Brembo four-wheel power disc brakes w/ABS, electronic stability control, and wide/sticky ZR-rated tires. It makes for a coupe that can be every day easy, but it\'s always just one downshift away from going wild.

Complete with owner\'s manual, this is a true midnight stalker. But as mean as this all-black machine looks, it can\'t help but put a nice guy smile on your face. That\'s because no other car delivers so much old-school muscle in such a modern way. So don\'t miss this Hellcat. Call now!