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1980 Chevrolet Corvette
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1980 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe How many cars can you name at a single glance? That should tell you something about the continuing uniqueness of the Corvette. It could very well be the most recognizable car on the road today. It has a host of imitators. But none of them strike your eye with such striking authority. Because Corvette remains what they can only aspire to be...a legend. Still the only true American sports car. Prior to going out on a big night, a woman likes to go all out sometimes on the presentation, and part of that mystique is the use of lipstick. Red signifies sexuality, an allure, and power. For consignment, a night out for this version of the 1980 C3 Corvette bathed in red. A 350ci L48 V8 and more contrasting white leather inside. It\'s all dressed up and awaiting your turn of her key which will provide you with excitement, (I told you the red would work!). Exterior For 1980 after several years of progressively gaining weight, this year it went on a diet and has lost some weight. A thinner hood and outer doors, lower density roof panels, and making use of aluminum for the differential housing and crossmember help with this effort. Some front and back bumper caps have been added this year, (removed on this car), and this redesign decreased the overall drag coefficient. We can see the use of crossed flag badges: a sexy curved red rocker fairing that follows the coke bottle design on either side, and a T top with mirrored glass removable panels. The fiberglass is in overall good condition. All glass, including the greenhouse rear window, which forms itself nearly to the rear spoiler has a fairly substantial storage area underneath. The Corvette cove in the front fender remains, round headlights survive another year, and now shiny 15-inch Centerline wheels are on all 4 corners. All bathed in a nice coating of red. A few minor scratches mostly contained to the bottom end where a previous battle with a curb may have been fought and lost! Honey!!! I\'m ready to go! Interior In a wonderful 1980\'s style the Oyster leather overstuffed padded bolster seats with deep inserts and high backs provide the seating for this A ticket ride. These are floating in a sea of neutral gray carpeting which is all nice and clean, and the seats showing a little smudging but overall nicely preserved. An Oyster molded vinyl dash can be seen upfront, and while the raked angle remains for the dash, analog gauges are now behind a flat piece of clear plastic with some midpoint warning lights stacked next to these gauges. These all float within a wood burl lacquered panel behind the glass. Fronting these instruments is a Grant wood rimmed steering wheel. In the center the cluster of 5 gauges remains also within the lacquered burl, and just below is an aftermarket stereo neatly inserted which sports AM/FM/Cassette capabilities. Climate control wheels of the past are now sliders and on the center of the console is a ball topped Corvette shifter. All this within more lacquered wood burl in good condition. Side door panels are nicely preserved, as is the rear carpeted storage area under the green house glass. This area shows some fading mostly near the seat back area and the hidden storage panel doors. May I hold the door for you?! Drivetrain With all this red let\'s consider the red line, that being of the tachometer and to get there, we need to look under the hood where there is a 350ci V8 L48 which is capable of screaming acceleration. A single 4-barrel carburetor is atop and shiny valve covers and an air cleaner cover can be seen. Some patina and slight corrosion and surface rust are noted within this engine bay. There is a 3-speed automatic transmission, (TH350), bolted to the back of the engine with a 3.07 rear axle in the back. Stainless steel braided hoses abound and Sportsman 2 polished valve coverings are seen. Consigner states there is also an additional NOS bottle available for when you nee