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1968 Plymouth Barracuda
Engine: 440 V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Frost Blue

This 1968 Plymouth Barracuda has a cool/classic look, but it also doesn\'t take much to recognize the heart of a true street-eating beast. Oh yes, this has a well-built 440 V8, upgraded suspension, and four-on-the-floor. And more than just powerful, this restored hardtop has plenty of added details that give it a terrific vintage car distinction.

Before we dive into the beastly side of this Barracuda, let\'s appreciate the first impression this car gives off. The pillarless hardtop is a staple of muscle car style. In fact, these second-gen cars show the first hints at the iconic styling touches that would be exaggerated for the \'70s \'Cudas. Plus, the fastback model outsold the hardtop coupes like this one in 1968, so there\'s even a rarity factor here. This had a restoration in the mid-2000s, and they paid attention to details. So you have a color that\'s close to 1968\'s Frost Blue. And there are the right details, like hood vent trim, color-matched wheels with dog dish hubcaps, and the unique side S-style stripes. So your first impression might just be a very cool classic. There are only subtle hints at the full performance within, like the extra meaty rear tires, large dual exhaust tips, and fiberglass used for the trunk lid and front fenders to save weight and add speed.

Just like the exterior, the interior wants to give the first impression of a clean and nice classic. Even the factory AM radio is still cranking out tunes. It\'s a well-done black package with plush carpeting, a smooth dash, and good door panels. Plus, we love the look of the classic bench seat front that also has a fold-down armrest when you want individual comfort. But the upgraded Lecarra sports steering wheel, full gauge package w/tach, auxiliary readouts, and floor shifter also let you know there\'s something fun under the hood.

Be prepared for shock and awe at plenty of car shows as you lift the hood and display the 440 cubic-inch big block V8. And this one loves to be displayed with an ultra-tidy style on the inner walls that funnel your attention to the bright block and even brighter Super Commando air grabber. Plymouth would eventually offer an optional 440 in 1969, but even that car wasn\'t as wicked as this one. The V8 inhales deeply with an Edelbrock four-barrel w/electric choke and a Holley Street Dominator intake. And so it fires up readily as it makes a nice tune out of the X-pipe dual exhaust. This is connected to a four-speed manual transmission to give you full control over the mighty motor and its thunderous sound. As you look underneath, you\'re going to see some nice upgrades, like a thick front sway bar, an added rear sway bar, and subframe connectors. There\'s also power steering, front disc brakes, and wide BF Goodrich T/A rubber for good all-around driving.

The sale comes complete with the factory buildsheet and restoration photos. This is the cool-looking hardtop classic that has some serious muscle within. Call today!!!