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1987 Nissan 300ZX
Engine: 3.0 Liter V6


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

Sleek style, great features, and a survivor-like presentation all make this 1987 Nissan 300ZX an attractive and affordable fuel-injected classic.

You\'re looking at a coupe that is believed to be highly original, including the mileage on the odometer and the factory application of white paint. So in the world of modified Japanese sports cars, you\'re looking at survivor-style distinction. It\'s not perfect, and there are signs of a few touch-ups, but the gloss it still gives off today really has the right impression for a respected car. It\'s nice to have such a complete example because these later cars from the Z31 generation had a smoother style and fully color-matched bumpers. This one has some added distinction with the regular coupe roof. We see this less than the T-tops these days, and that\'s a preference for some people. And the 16-inch alloys from the next-generation Z-car are a great way to stand out while still keeping it in the Nissan family.

The interior is an attractive red that offers a great mix of performance car focus and plenty of comfort. It all looks quite good for its age, which reinforces the feeling of a well-respected and low mileage classic. You have two bucket seats that are finished in a comfy velour and have terrific bolstering. The armrest center console, grippy sports steering wheel, and full gauges with large speedo and tach are all part of that driver-focused attitude that makes these cars legendary. Nissan was going upscale with this generation Z, and so you have a long list of features, like power windows, power mirrors, the factory AM/FM/cassette stereo, and cold-blowing air conditioning.

Under the hood is the correct 3.0-liter fuel-injected V6. It fires up readily, idles nicely, and drives with a confident feeling. In fact, a car like this really inspires overall confidence on the road thanks to the fully independent sports suspension and four-wheel power disc brakes. Plus, features like power steering and four-speed automatic transmission w/overdrive are part of a great full cruising package.

This is the kind of classic coupe that feels as solid as an everyday driver. So if you\'re looking for a vintage sports car with a hardy heart, call today!