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1965 Ford Mustang
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1965 Ford Mustang Coupe Mustang, Mustang, Mustang! to quote the television advertising in 1965. All the while urging you to walk on your wild side, and your personality will go from dull to a thriller when you get behind the wheel of a 1965 Ford Mustang! For consignment a mostly original and a light handed tasteful modifications to improve on the original. A 1965 289ci V8 C code car is here for the taking. 15-inch Torque Thrust rims and wheels, and a hardtop version you too will be saying Mustang! Mustang! Mustang! Need, Need Need! Exterior Bathed in a steel blue which has some chalking and dulling along with chipping and pitting, this car shows with its passage of time worn on it\'s sleeve. All beading and britework is on as original and bumpers have a few dents and dings. The rear trimmed hockey stick cove is present on this year car, and the utilization of chrome trimmings around all the glass adds in some bling. The deep set single round headlights flank a central dark grille with the galloping steed on the center. Non matching side view mirrors are on one on the door the other on the front passenger quarter panel top. On back a smaller trunk lid deck and the iconic trio of taillights on each corner. One can notice some rust bubbling occurring behind the rear wheel wells near the bottoms. Another set in bumper on back is below and has a few more dents and dings. The 15-inch Torque Thrust wheels with black spokes and chromed trim rings and hubs are looking great with this car. Interior Peering inside we are met with original door panels covered in black vinyl. Some tuck and roll inserts with a chrome trimming and shiny handles are here as well. Inside bomber styled black vinyl buckets are floating in a sea of black carpeting and a shifter is within the hump between these buckets. A bench is in back and looks to be in very nicely preserved condition. The original dash and steering wheel are in front showing round gauges at either side of the horizontal speedo and some rectangular warning lights and centered odometer below. All within a field of black and fairly clean inside here. Above the textured headliner in black vinyl is nice and tight with no tears or errors. A look into the trunk reveals some rusting occurring on the back of the wheel well covering on the passenger rear quarter. The plaid vinyl factory lining is well worn and dirty. Drivetrain Under the white interior painted hood within a patina and slight surface rusted non restored engine bay is the original 289ci V8 C code engine. This means it has a single 2-barrel carburetor on top, and a Ford Toploader 3.03 3-speed manual transmission is mounted on back. Way back is a Ford 8-inch 2.80 rear axle. Undercarriage Showing some aging with a light coating of surface rust and plenty of patina on the undercarriage paint, this car remains structurally sound. There is some invasive rust starting near the rockers next to the front of the wheel wells in back. Independent coil springs for the front suspension, and leaf springs bring up the rear. Drum brakes are on all 4 corners, and exhaust although surface rusted is solid. Drive-Ability After some cranking it started and idled a bit rough. Our car expert states it is in need of a tuneup. Needless to say, it hit the test track and drove nicely even though it was a bit rough. All functions were working save for the reverse lights which were in op. Keeping its original exterior, and most of the interior, this C coded engine 1965 version with a chalked and worn respray in steel blue is still a solid car, it just may need some attention and TLC to get it back to snuff. Definitely a tune up will go a long way, then you can proceed to make it your own. I feel a restoration in someone\'s future and then you will have an all buttoned up classic...Nice. VIN DECODE 5F07C684183 5-1965 F-Dearborn, MI Assy Plant 07-2 Door Hardtop C-289ci V8 2bbl 200hp 684183-Sequential Unit