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1966 Ford Mustang
Engine: 302 V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

A cool factory color combo, sporty upgrades, and 302 cubic inch V8 all come together to make this 1966 Ford Mustang quite a nice cruiser.

Silver Blue is a great look to have on a classic like this. The trim tag tells us it\'s the factory-correct color, and it has an icy blue glow that adds both distinction and sophistication. It goes well with the shine of the chrome bumpers to deliver an attractive package that\'s also very driver ready. And the reason why you want to drive this one is because they gave it some cool GT style. That includes the correct badging and gas cap. Even the GT\'s fog light grille is there for display. And the polished American Racing 15-inch Torq Thrust wheels add to both the shine and sporty style.

The sea of blue continues inside, and this two-tone style is also factory-correct. You may decide to invest in new areas like seat covers, but the great thing about a first-gen mustang is that components are affordable and readily available. So it\'s nice to have a car that looks this complete and correct on day one. Plus, you can see that they also already invested in upgrades. This includes handy features like a cup holder center console and AM/FM stereo w/Bluetooth. And of course, it feels good to slip behind the wood-rimmed steering wheel, grab the shifter, and take this pony car out for a drive.

Ford\'s 302 cubic-inch V8 was still a couple of years away when this coupe first left the factory, but today we know that upgrade fits in there so well. More than just an upgrade in displacement, they gave this a cool sporty style with Ford Racing plug wires and Cobra cast valve covers. The larger V8 inhales deeper with a Holley four-barrel carburetor. And headers let this exhale freely into the dual exhaust. The three-speed manual transmission gives you firm control over the motor. Newer bushings, power brakes, and wide Cooper Cobra tires give you a good feeling for the road.

This classic pony car offers a cool color combo, some GT-style flair, and a true upgrade under the hood. Call now!