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1967 Chrysler Newport Convertible
Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Persian White

1967 Chrysler Newport Convertible Although the C-body Chrysler Newport was known by most folks as the entry-level full-size Chrysler from 1961-1981 in various forms, the Newport name actually dates back as far as 1941 when it was used on a roadster concept car known as the Newport Phaeton. It\'s biggest claims to fame, other than only 6 ever being produced, was that actress Lana Turner and Chrysler founder Walter P. Chrysler himself both owned one as their personal car for a time. To top it off, the Newport Phaeton also paced the Indianapolis 500 in 1941, the only time a non-production vehicle has ever held that honor. The Newport Phaeton was based on the upper-level New Yorker, a sign of things to come. For consignment a rarely seen car indeed, taking on the shape of a Chrysler Newport 2 Door Convertible from 1967. Just as the B52\'s sang in their song Love Shack: Hop in my Chrysler, it\'s as big as a whale And it\'s about to set sail.... I got me a car, it seats about twenty, so come on, and bring your jukebox money. This one the beneficiary of a full restoration in 2002, it has only seen about 4,000 miles since then. Garaged, and well cared for, she\'s a turnkey classic all buttoned up and ready to roll topped or topless...the only thing missing is the If this car is rockkin ...sign! Exterior Wonderfully straight and equally as massive steel slabs adorn this car all draped in Persian White paint. Gaps are well minded, and chrome bumpers and trimmings are all mirror like and presenting beautifully. This whale it\'s all chromed upfront with its vertical ribbed grille flanked by dual headlights and some angled in turn signal lights. A dual painted on pinstripe runs from stem to stern and is presenting in red. As are the red stripe tires which wrap 15-inch Chrysler Road Wheels. Small fender skirts adorn the rear quarters adding some definite class. The rear of the car has an inverted V taillight setup, and a trunk lid which hides a 2-bedroom NYC apartment(sic). A near perfect large canvas white convertible top is the icing on this late 60\'s cake and it has a glass window. When put down, we note a snappy tonneau cover in red which fits just right baby bear. Interior Loads of red vinyl covers the tuck and roll inserted seats with smooth bolsters outside. A split bench with a large central armrest, also in smooth vinyl, allows you to skate down the road while styling to the side just a bit. Noted is a crack in a seam on the driver\'s side seat. The backseat has plenty of romper room and is like new with a center mounted speaker. Upfront another open V format design dash has a red padded top, and a chromed horizontal ribbed angled dash front. Here the rectangular gauges reside, as well as toggles 60\'s style that operate the headlights, top, flashers and heating controls. Below all this menagerie is a thin red metal strip which houses the ignition, and a large ashtray lighter setup to allow you to go full cigarette after your back-seat adventures. It also is the bottom frame for the glovebox. Bang bang bang on the door baby! I can\'t hear you... Drivetrain A fully rebuilt and restored sky blue blocked and valve covered original 383ci V8 with a single 2-barrel carburetor atop, sits snugly within a totally restored engine bay. All shiny black attachments, and supple hoses are well cared for since the restoration. On back an A727 Torqueflite 3-speed automatic transmission which pushes power back to the rear in 8-3/4-inch form with 2.73 gears...Sign says, woo, stay away fools \'Cause love rules at the love shack! Undercarriage Some mild surface rust, but all structurally sound framing, floorboards and rockers. Nice patina but no signs of neglect anywhere. Cushy torsion bar front suspension and forgiving leaf springs for the back provide the ride. Power drums are all around underneath. Drive-Ability Just a pleasure to test drive and she fired right up. No complaining when I pushed the accel