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1965 Dodge Coronet
Engine: 440 V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

Sure, you can love this 1965 Dodge Coronet 440 convertible because it has a vintage appeal, right down to the dog dish hubcaps. But really it\'s the thundering 440 V8 with cross-ram intake and dual four-barrel carbs under the hood that makes this classic drop-top such an irresistible buy.

Bright red paint has an attractive look on any classic drop-top. But this is a fresher application done within about the last 10 years. It means there\'s a hint of more modern shine, and that seems to let the sunlight show off the crisp lines and straight body of this Mopar. Good chrome bumpers, full-length trim, and those wrap-up tail lights all gives this a well-done vintage presentation. Plus, there\'s a lot of cool style in this convertible. The black folding roof goes with the insert in the side trim for a subtle two-tone effect. And the details like the long dual exhaust tips and dog dish hubcaps (with extra meaty rear rubber) just seem to subtly let you in on the knowledge that this is a true street machine.

With the flip of a switch, the roof powers down, and the interior continues the theme of red with black accents. So this one has a well-coordinated style with the top up or down. And because you can tell there was an investment in the fundamentals, like the upholstery, you\'ll happily share this look with the world. The whole interior likes to be very vintage, and that\'s a good thing in a Dodge of this era. Mopars from these years had a hint more style and substance, and you see it in features like the push-button transmission selector. In fact, the only thing that you\'ll spot here that isn\'t stock is the cleanly placed auxiliary gauge trio... and you\'ll appreciate this addition when you see what\'s in the engine bay.

Under the hood is a sight that makes Mopar fans weak in the knees. It\'s the unmistakable offset dual four-barrel carburetors of the cross-ram intake. Beneath that it\'s the mightiest of the mighty: it\'s the 440 cubic-inch big block currently made for 446ci total. Oh yeah, that front license plate with the extra X in Maxx is there for a reason! Getting this power to the ground means the right components. The Torqueflite 727A three-speed automatic transmission is Mopar\'s stout unit. And that rear end has traction bars and plenty of wide rubber to meet the road. The result is a drop-top that really knows how to put plenty of extra wind in your hair.

Complete with restoration photos, you\'re looking at a classic convertible with a thunderous heart. So when you can get Max Wedge style fun is a rare drop-top form, you know something this desirable will be leaving us quickly. Call today!!!