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1966 Ford Mustang
Engine: 347 V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

Not only does this 1966 Ford Mustang convertible have an electric-level blue paint, but it also has electric-level performance, too. That means a dyno-tested 475+ hp V8, an upgraded five-speed transmission to control it all, four-wheel disc brakes. It all makes for one impressive pony that took years to get right. This car was a labor of love. The consignor had the vehicle for over a decade, and he says this full build took four years to complete. So while it keeps the classic first-gen Mustang lines, it also wants to make sure no one mistakes it for a stock car. So the blue paint has the obvious look of a modern color with a more recent and quality application. Nice body panels, complete badging, the correct grille, and bright chrome bumpers take care of the classic fundamentals. But what also catches your eye is more added sporty style. The exhaust tips are so big and bright that they almost look like part of the bumper. There\'s a nice set of competition-style Torq Thrust wheels, and the extra meaty rear tires really show off where the power meets the pavement. And if you look closely, the special motor badge on the front hints at some serious added power within (more on that in a moment.) The clean black roof has a smart look against the bright blue exterior paint, and so when you take it down, it\'s nice to see a full black interior. The dash, seats, and carpeting all have an excellent presentation for a solid investment. And the upgraded AM/FM digital tuner w/cassette means upgraded driving music. While that\'s great for everyone, there are a ton of great upgrades just for the driver. The factory gauge panel now has crisp AutoMeter Phantom readouts, they added a large AutoMeter Sport-Comp tach, and you\'ll love the grip of the Hurst T-handle shifter. Plus, the roll bar adds strength to the chassis, and its exterior-matching blue is another stylish way this one announces it\'s something special. The big shine coming from the engine bay signals a solid investment in the powerhouse. Remember the callouts on the fender? This is a 302 cubic-inch V8 stroked to 347ci total. It\'s a full performance build done by Pro-Formance Unlimited, and so the motor is enhanced and fortified with Edelbrock E-Street heads, an Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor, Edelbrock air gap aluminum intake, and Dougs headers that feed the rumbling dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. You\'ll also spot the right supporting pieces, such as an MSD ignition and an aluminum radiator with electric fan. It\'s a terrific powerhouse and we have the dyno sheet showing it makes 479 horsepower! You take full control over this powerful pony with the upgraded five-speed manual transmission. This feeds a strong Currie 9-inch rear. And as you look underneath, you\'ll spot worthwhile investments like added frame bracing, newer bushings, and four-wheel power disc brakes. The sale comes complete with the build receipts, dyno sheet, and restoration photos. This is the speedy custom Mustang that\'s built for those who really want to drive. Since that\'s most of us, you need to hurry to grab this all-around terrific pony. Call today!!!