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1963 Ford F-250
1963 Ford 3/4 ton long bed.All original truck
except for the mustang 5 speed and the
electronic ignition.Original 292
V8 Y block completely rebuilt.Stainless steel
headers with flowmaster dual exhaust.Utility
bed.Aluminum radiator.Truck started life at
Shaw Airforce Base in South Carolina and as
far as i know has always been in SC.I had all
the work listed above done and bought the
truck because of how solid and rust free the
body and frame is.I am ready to cut it loose
to someone who may want to take it to another
level.It is not priced as a perfect truck but
it is priced fair for the sweet ride it is.I
also have the original valve covers and air
breather.The truck also has a 31 gallon fuel
cell in the bed under the tool box.The
original tank is still behind seat.I will
gladly answer any and all questions of what i
know about the truck.I have had it now going
on 4 years.I know the Airforce had it for at
least 25 years because the base sticker is
still on the front bumper.The trucks original
color is academy blue,which you can still
see.It has a bit of a rat rod look,which was
on purpose.It looked like that when i bought
it.Paypal or cash accepted.You pay to
ship.This truck runs like a scalded dog! No
disappointments.Old school all the way and
fun to drive.