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1996 Ford Mustang
Engine: 4.6 Liter V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Laser Red

This 1996 Ford Mustang GT straddles the ideal line between a modern fuel-injected machine and a well-kept classic. So when you can find a well-priced example that has all the features you want - including A/C and a five-speed - then you know it\'s time to pay attention.

These fourth-generation Mustangs brought the pony car back to its sleek roots, and so they have a growing spot in the classic car community. That\'s especially true as the GT models age into true vintage machines. Laser Red was a hallmark color for this generation, and so it\'s great to see an investment in keeping this looking sleek and glossy. In fact, this has a well-kept look everywhere from the body panels to the factory 17-inch alloys. Tinted windows, dual exhaust tips, and the full-width rear spoiler add to the coupe\'s true sporty appeal.

If you like how the dark tinted windows looked against the deep red exterior paint, then you\'ll love the look of the full black interior. The leather seats are complete and have worn in nicely over the well-respected years. The carpeting, door panels, and dash complete this blackout appearance. This Mustang came loaded from the factory with a bunch of great equipment like power windows, power locks, keyless entry/alarm, dual airbags, electric rear defogger, and cruise control. And cold-blowing R134a air conditioning always makes for a nice modern classic. They even updated the radio to an AM/FM/CD/XM with USB and Bluetooth to give you the best in modern driving music. And this one was made to be enjoyed by the driver. That\'s why you have the little extras that make the real difference, like a power lumbar support and full gauges with large speedo and tach.

The 1996 Mustang is an especially sought-after year, because this was the introduction of the 4.6-liter SOHC modular V8. It was the true successor to the pushrod 5.0 as it ushered in a new era of performance while still delivering the same hardy reputation. This fuel-injected motor runs beautifully, idles smoothly, and pulls from a seemingly bottomless reserve of torque. Another advantage of a modern classic is the versatility of the five-speed manual transmission. The handling is superior with power steering, performance tires, sway bars front & rear, and four-wheel disc brakes that include ABS.

This is the fast and affordable modern classic that\'s preserved just the way you want it. So don\'t miss this deal, call today!