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1967 Volkswagen Beetle
Engine: 1600 CC


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Matte Black

VolksRod, rat rod, hot rod... no matter what you call this 1967 Volkswagen Beetle you already know it\'s a very cool custom build. And as you start to look at the details, everything from the clean under side to the auto-clutch transmission makes it attractive for far more than its looks. This little VW will always attract big attention. There\'s deleted fenders, windshield sunshade, a racing number on each side, and a luggage rack so tall it could double as a racing spoiler. The paint simulates a classic patina, and the studded hood really drivers home this rat rod style further. The rear love to have bold protrusions with its bullet-style taillights and big exhaust tips. The stance is even awesome with meaty BF Goodrich tires in the rear, and the front is elongated thanks to a suspension stretch kit by Fabshop104. Inside, the alligator-style texture of the side panels continues the cool/custom presentation. But while a rat rod would just be about lawn chair seats and junkyard parts, this interior is a bit more thoughtful. The dual bucket seats are borrowed from a more modern vehicle. So they have good bolstering, recline, and are covered in a comfy cloth. You also have nice driver upgrades like the shifter and wood-rimmed Grant GT steering wheel. While the engine bay does it best to look like a true rat rod (the license plates lining the back are a particularly nice touch) there is a look of quality that you can also instantly recognize. It\'s everywhere from the fan housing to the upgraded pulleys w/tensioner. Volkswagen\'s 1600cc is a strong unit and the largest displacement of the series that\'s paired with a 4-speed transmission. The upgraded headers and exhaust give it the right sound you want out of this custom Bug. Volkswagens all have a personality, and this is the Herbie that\'s gone to the punk rock side. So if you want an eye-catching custom offered for quite an obtainable price, call today!!!