OldCarOnline.com - 1946 Chevrolet Pickup

1946 Chevrolet Pickup
Transmission rebuilt in 2020

4-speed on the floor

Stovebolt 6-cylinder 235 engine

Electrical converted to 12 Volt

Drum brakes on rear

Disc brakes on front

Frontend suspension rebuilt

Outlet added under dash for plug-ins

Wooden bed in pristine condition

Electric wipers

Seat belts, brake lights, turn signals

Upgraded headlights

Leather bench seat in new condition

Less than 200 miles on new tires and brakes

Never driven in winter, rain, or salted roads

Speedometer understates speed by 15 MPH

Fuel gauge is unreliable

Odometer works

Starts every time

Some spare parts come with truck

Additional photos available on request