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1967 Chevrolet Corvette
Engine: 427 L71 V8


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The 1967 Corvette Sting Ray was the last Corvette of the second generation, and five years of refinements made it the best of the line. Although it was meant to be a redesign year, its intended successor the C3 was found to have some undesirable aerodynamic traits. Duntov demanded more time in the wind tunnel to devise fixes before it went into production. Changes for 1967 were modest: Five smaller front fender vents replaced the three larger ones, and flat-finish rockers sans ribbing conferred a lower, less chunky appearance. New was a single backup light, mounted above the license plate; a one-year only item. The previous models\' wheel covers gave way to slotted six-inch Rally wheels with chrome beauty rings and lug nuts concealed behind chrome caps. Interior alterations were modest and included revised upholstery, and the handbrake moved from beneath the dash to between the seats. The convertible\'s optional hardtop was offered with a black vinyl cover, which was a fad among all cars at the time. With potential buyers anticipating the car\'s overdue redesign, sales for the Sting Ray\'s final year totaled 22,940, down over 5,000 units from 1966 results. That\'s what makes a nice \'67 a rare find! This example is a beautifully restored car in prime condition for both weekend fun and any event you would want to go to. The exterior is painted Marina Blue with a white stinger stripe on the hood. Being a coupe rather than a convertible helps this Corvette retain the classic Sting Ray design enthusiasts have become accustomed to. A set of gorgeous American Racing wheels wrapped in thick BF Goodrich rubber let you know this is more than a stock Corvette and the wide tires grip the road with ease. While this car is an older restoration, it has held up well and has many desirable drivability upgrades! Under the hood sits a highly coveted, limited production Chevrolet ZL1 Anniversary 427 Heritage crate engine. These engines were produced for 2009 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Chevrolet W-series big block V8 engine. They were even produced to ZL1 specs using original 1969 tooling! Just 427 of these engines were produced, and the one in this Corvette is number 13. Attached to the car is the Heritage 427 data tag and 013/427 is stamped on the engine. It may not be the original engine, but it is one heck of a choice for a storied classic like this! Additionally, the original small block V8 for this Corvette is included with the sale. The 427 is not only incredibly cool, and will certainly have enormous collector value in the future, but it moves this Corvette like nothing else! This is a well-equipped car that was built to run. It sounds amazing, and is easy enough to drive casually while having that horsepower on demand in reserve if you want to go fast. Underneath you\'ll find four wheel disc brakes from Baer, a Milodon oil pan, a Shark Bite rear coilover mount, coilover shocks, and not a leaf spring in sight. Additional upgrades include longtube headers, a custom dual exhaust system, and rack & pinion steering to optimize ease of use. This puppy is set up right and dialed in! The 427 is mated to a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission with a clutch strong enough to handle the power, but easy enough to use that it won\'t numb your leg. The interior is nearly immaculate, and is in completely stock form aside from the subtle addition of an aftermarket woodgrain steering wheel and the mock-original 5-speed shift pattern plate. The blue vinyl is all in great condition, and all normal wear items are as well. The condition of the interior alone speaks for the quality restoration this car received! a Vintage Air A/C system is the crown jewel of the interior, providing cool air for cruising on those hot summer days. This is a high-quality cruiser ready to turn heads at a car show or tear up the streets with your friends. Even if you\'re looking for a classic that is easy to drive on a regular basis around town, this