OldCarOnline.com - 1955 Dodge C3 window van

1955 Dodge C3 window van
We are selling our 55 van after 22 years of
owner ship. We purchased the vehicle in
Nasuah, NH but came off a property from the
mid west. The truck has been running and
briefly used during our ownership. The truck
has been professionally worked on several
times to "restart" the vehicle after long
periods of no use. It's been two years since
the last time it ran. We decided it was time
for someone else to own it and use it on a
more regular basis.

I have taken several pictures and will
describe the vehicle as best I can but please
ask your questions and will get back to you

We bought the truck from a professional
restoration shop in NH. There was no attempt
to restore the body of the trunk but all the
parts were there. We drove it home and
registered the vehicle in NH.

What's new over the years: brakes, brake
lines, tires (Firestone 710 x 15), carb,
rebuilt engine, fuel lines, rebuilt radiator,
gas line filter, windshield and other small

Many parts have been removed to clean, sand,
prime, including most of the frame.

Clean title and no wrecks

The truck has not run for 3 years. This is
what needs ( that I know of) to get it
running again: the gas tank needs a patch
(repaired another problem about 20 years
ago), new gas clean the gas lines, and change
the oil. You will see pictures of other parts
to go on the truck as well as lights, extra
wire and connectors, other parts not listed.