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1934 Ford Geisen

1934 Ford Geisen Roadster Special \'Laguna Seca Veteran\'Vintage RacerBelieved to have been built in 1950, the Geisen is fitted with a low-silhouette, hand-formed body that shows the influences of both types of racing, including a belly pan, narrow profile and cycle fenders. Brooklands racing screens are placed behind a fold-down windshield, in front of which are cowl vents to release hot air from behind the firewall-mounted radiator. The hood is bulged to clear dual cars and vented to extract even more heat from the engine compartment; old-fashioned buckled leather straps keep it in place. Beneath the completely refinished sheetmetal is a 239CID Ford flathead V-8 equipped with all the best components of the period: twin Stromberg 97 carburetors mounted on an early Edelbrock intake manifold and finned Edelbrock high-compression heads. The column-shifted three-speed manual transmission also reflects home-built creed of economy and simplicity. The sparsely appointed cockpit has been renewed with fresh leather and carpeting, and a full compliment of gauges mounted in a woodgrain dash panel. Raced at the very first Monterey Historic races in 1974, and lives on as one of American racing\'s classic \'homebuilt specials\'. -Raced at the very first Monterey Historic Races -Raced photos featured in numerous magazines throughout the 70\'s including the cover of Autoweek & Competition Press, August 17th, 1974 reporting the 1st annual Monterey Historic races.-239CID modified 59A Ford flathead V-8 -Twin Stomberg 97 carburetors -Finned high-compression heads -3-Speed manual transmission -Column shift -Modified 1934 Ford chassis -Completely repainted -New interior -Wood grain dash -Fold down windshield -New Tires -Vehicle is on consignment and at our clients home -Please Call First and talk to a rep at 231-468-2809 EXT 1 -Showroom is by appointment only Please Call -If you would like a FREE Listing please visit our consignment page or Call