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1926 Paige Model 6-75

1926 Paige Model 6-75 I have had this car for 12+ years. Yes, the odometer is correct. (Shown in one of the pictures attached) Yes, it fits into a barn find. You can tell any story you like! The car runs great. This car was manufactured by Paige in Detroit, Michigan. It was custom made for someone in San Francisco, Ca. The reason I know this is because of via Email through the great-grandson of Fredrick Osgood Paige (Paige Founder). He told me he had the data base of each car built by Paige. Unfortunately this car wasn\'t in the data base because it had such a low ID number or Paige himself didn\'t want it in the data base for only his reasons. The Grandson did inform me because the car has the Weed Emblem on the front bumper it was custom made for someone. The slogan for the Paige Automobile Manufacturer was The Most Beautiful Car in America! For the Roaring Twenties era this car was a ahead of its time. It has hydraulic brakes, (Cadillac had mechanical) shocks and locking steering wheel, just to name a few of the cars extra selling points. Paige car company started in 1908-1927 by Fredrick Osgood Paige. Graham Brothers bought the company in 1927 when it became Graham-Paige. In a couple of years the name Paige was removed from the company name. The car\'s history: I found it on a ranch in Madera County. The owner that I purchased/bartered with told me he bought it from a Peace Officer in San Francisco. The Peace Officer bought it from a Estate Sale in San Francisco. That makes me the 4th Owner.