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1966 Shelby Cobra
Engine: 351 Windsor V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

Rarely do you find a Shelby Cobra replica with this kind of color coordination. But beyond just looking great, are all the asphalt-eating performance pieces that make you love a V8 Cobra. And all of it is available right now for quite a nice price.

White with red racing stripes has a cool look of instant performance. Of course, a proper Cobra like this always looks fast standing still. The hood scoop, push bumpers, side pipes, shining roll hoop, and classic Halibrand-style wheels announce to the world that you\'re no commuter. This one really turns it up a notch, because you can really see that there are extra wide tires in the rear so that where the power is delivered has the maximum amount of rubber meeting the road.

While a Cobra\'s interior is supposed to be functional, this one is also a looker. The exterior red is now the main color and the white is the accent stripe on the seats. This gives the car a fantastically coordinated look inside and out, which is particularly good for a roadster like this. It even has a nice upgrade with a power AM/FM/CD stereo. But your real favorite pieces are the competition-ready ones. This includes the racing harnesses, Hurst shifter, three-spoke sports steering wheel, and a full set of crisp white faced gauges. The battery is even tucked away in the trunk for better weight distribution.

The motor even gets in on the car\'s color theme with a red Cobra breather with white trim. More than just the two-tone, this looks great with Cobra valve covers, steel hoses, and an overall tidy setup. And while you\'ll like showing this off, you\'ll love driving it even more. The 351 cubic-inch V8 has a performance cam. Plus, there\'s a four-barrel carburetor, MSD coil, and growling side pipes. You\'re in complete control of this V8 and its thunderous sound track thanks to the five-seed manual transmission. Because this is a true performance machine you have the right suspension components, including a Mustang II-style tubular A-arm front suspension, four-link rear, rack & pinion steering, and four-wheel disc brakes.

Great colors, great performance, and a great price – this Cobra is a great deal. Call now!