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1972 Chevrolet Corvette
Engine: 350 V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Rally Red

Very few models were left largely unchanged for as long as the third generation of Corvettes and a glance at this 1972 Chevrolet Corvette will give some insight as to why. With its low-slung, road hugging form graced with some of the most inspired curvature ever to roll off a Detroit assembly line and draped in a magnetic exterior color, this is an utterly timeless classic.

Production cars rarely bear anything more than a passing resemblance to their concept car inspirations, yet save for some minor modifications to make production viable, third generation \'Vettes like this \'72 greeted the public as virtual dead ringers to the Mako Shark II that was unveiled in the mid-60s. Rally Red paint provides a great look - fresh yet suitably vintage - and while onlookers would never notice, we still think a professional cut and buff would would take it up even another notch. Take a lap around the car and you\'ll find its body alignment to be on point - the doors and hood show nice, even gaps and those signature hidden headlights sit flush in their lowered position while rising into position without issue. Throughout the exterior, the brightwork and trim are looking solid and both the front and rear windshields sport impressively clear glass. The T-top configuration is a big plus, as it allows easy transition from open air motoring to a more sheltered driving experience with just a couple of simple steps.

The saddle-colored interior is a very sharp accompaniment to the red of the exterior and is in very strong condition. You\'ll find no splits on the surfaces of the high backed bucket seats and they straddle a clean looking center console whose distinctive incline puts the shifter within very easy reach. Fresh matching carpeting lines the floor, with a pair of Corvette floor mats in place for protection. In keeping with the Corvette styling cues of previous models, there\'s a full assortment of gauges on the dash - all of them still very readable behind their clear lenses. An AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth connectivity has been added, so you\'ll have plenty of audio options while out on the road.

This Corvette is about as road ready as a classic can be. Its original numbers matching 350 cubic inch V8 still carries a Quadrajet 4-barrel carb just below its factory air cleaner and is really running great, starting right up and pulling with conviction as it sends a deep, subdued note out of its dual exhaust. The powerplant teams with a 3-speed automatic transmission that\'s shifting with confidence-inspiring precision. At a time when the competition outfitted its cars with power disc brakes up front in a best case scenario, Chevy installed them at all four corners on this \'Vette, so it stops with fade-resistant ease. That low profile, third generation form combines with smooth power steering to make this vintage \'Vette a lot of fun to drive as it rolls on its set of very clean 15 stock Corvette wheels outfitted with Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tires that still have plenty of tread remaining. Below, the undercarriage is looking very solid.

Outstanding curb appeal, a well-kept interior and a very solid drivetrain from front to back ... this 1972 Chevrolet Corvette has \'em all. Call today!