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1948 Studebaker M3
The 1948 Studebaker pickup truck was bought from a
wrecking yard that handled old vehicles. Restoration
began shortly after my purchase about 20 years ago. In
2006 we applied for a certificate of title bond and
received clear certificate of title in 2007. To my
knowledge the vehicle has not been in an accident. My
interests have changed since this project began and I am
looking to reinvest in an off road jeep. The truck is a 1/2
ton pickup with a short box Chevy 4x4 frame and running
gear, 350 chevy V8 engine, air conditioning, power
windows and locks, tilt steering wheel, automatic
transmission, bucket seats, rhino lined box, new tires,
stereo with speakers, wired for tail lights and turn signals.
The color is pearl white. I never could decide what I
wanted for bumpers, the new owner can make their own
choice on bumper style. This truck is a head turner
driving it down the road. People wave and give me the
heads up sign.