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1972 Lincoln Continental
Engine: 460 V8


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

1972 was the first year for the Lincoln Continental Mark IV, and it sure was a good year for the Continental! Luxury barges were in full effect, and stricter federal vehicle safety regulations had yet to be implemented. This attribute gave us the 1972 Continental Mark IV, an unencumbered land yacht with gorgeous lines that lacked the atrocity of five mile an hour impact bumpers. The 1972 Continental looks drastically different from 1973, and the only key difference is the bumpers! The 1973 model wears impact bumpers which make it look both longer and wider. The 1972 bumpers make the car look clean, smooth, and much more classic. In fact, for as large as it is, it almost looks sporty! The exterior of this car is clean and straight with good driver quality paint. The vinyl top is intact but showing its age. With a new vinyl top, this Lincoln would really turn heads! The wire spoke wheels are not factory, but they do work with the appearance of this car and can easily be swapped out for originals. The white paint contrasts beautifully against the dark blue interior. The interior of this Lincoln is very comfortable and almost soothing in a back in time to grandma\'s house type of way. The dark blue feels classy and clean, while providing a calm backdrop to your cross-country cruise. The interior is complete and intact with minor wear on the front seats and some plastic repair to the driver\'s door panel. Furthermore, it has that classic Lincoln smell! Under the hood is what is believed to be the original Ford monstrous 460 V8 that puts out approximately 224 horsepower. Though this car won\'t be winning any speed contests, it will haul you along leisurely wherever you are going which is exactly what it was intended to do! The engine bay, like the exterior, is pretty well original and appears just the way it should for 1972. It fires up easily, drives smooth and is a great candidate to run to the local ice cream shop with the grandkids. Overall, this Lincoln would be a good selection for a unique weekend cruiser. It is mostly clean and complete and the ultimate affordable luxury cruiser. Contact Shelton Classics & Performance at 704-663-0432 or #####@####.### for more information Title: CLEAN DOES IT WORK? Air Conditioning NO, compressor comes on Heater YES Speedometer YES Oil PSI Gauge/Light YES Temperature Gauge/Light YES Fuel Gauge YES Tachometer N/A Wipers YES Horn NO Radio NO, turns on, no sound Headlights YES Tail Lights YES Brake Lights YES Reverse Lights YES Turn Signals YES Emergency Brake NO Keys – Ignition, Door & Trunk YES Runs & Drives YES All vehicles are being sold As Is, Where Is, with No Warranty, expressed, written or implied. All sales are final. It is the sole responsibility of the customer, and which we strongly encourage, to thoroughly inspect the vehicle personally or via 3rd party, to ensure satisfaction to the condition and value, prior to purchase. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be constructed as a warranty of any type. Vehicle information is provided by the consignor (current owner) of the vehicle, and while we do perform a visual and safety inspection of the vehicle upon arrival, we can make no warranty, guarantee or representation regarding the accuracy, truth, or reliability of such information. Dealership is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies contained in information provided by third parties. The majority of these vehicles are considered classics or antiques, meaning they are older vehicles with sometimes dated automotive technology. We are not an expert in the construction, engineering, finishes, materials or components of these vehicles. Our employees are a team of talented individuals with a history in the classic car industry. We perform an extensive visual inspections on all vehicles we represent, but we do not disassemble vehicles or components for inspection p