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1980 Triumph Spitfire

1980 Triumph Spitfire Convertible 4 speed transmission plus overdrive original owner; this is the 7th Spitfire current owner has had.  driven once or twice a  month. There is low milage because it was always just a fun car and kept in the  carport most of the time. The left rear fender was swiped by the next car at a parking space and  repaired. The left door was also and has not been repaired; the outside handle  does not work but the inside handle and window do. The carpets and seat covers are worn. The gas tank has some rust but covering  with sealant worked. Rubber parts show their age. There has always been a noisy rear differential. bought the spare car to  change it but never got around to it. The key ignition switch sometimes looses contact and needs to be cleaned. The top is fairly good and the tonneau cover was never used. The spare car is included. It is year 1980 and was parked in running condition  but has been sitting for years.  have taken the starter and one rear wheel.  The windshield is cracked from a fallen branch. It has some rust.