OldCarOnline.com - 1968 Datsun 2000

1968 Datsun 2000
The interior features blood red upholstery
with matching door panels and parcel shelf
along with black carpets covered by Coco
mats. The 5-speed gearbox was overhauled by
TopTech with replacement bearings and seals,
and sends power rearward to a Nissan limited-
slip rear axle updated with a 3.90:1 ring
The suspension was disassembled and
refinished with Eastwood chassis primer and
paint. New parts added during reassembly

Front ball joints, spindles, and spindle
Koni shocks
Competition front springs and sway bar
Urethane bushings and boots
Nissan brake calipers and EBC pads installed
in front
Nissan brake cylinders and shoes installed in
Hard brake lines installed in front
Soft stainless steel brake lines installed in
19 Zerk fittings were replaced
69-70 recirculating steering box and idler