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1973 Cadillac Eldorado
Wipers, ac, power seats, power
windows all work. Vehicle has just
41,000 miles on it and a clean
Georgia title. Kept indoors and
very rarely driven since purchased
in 2011. New
belts, radiator, hoses, thermostat
and water pump, wires,
points, rotor and cap replaced
about a year ago. Altenator
changed in 2012.
Plugs replaced
in March 2018. Undercarriage,
floor and trunk are all solid with
no holes. There is a tear at the
seam on the top of the rear seat
but it's just some old thread
loose, not damaged upholstery.
There are small
holes in the material directly
over the 6x9 speakers because the
guy that installed them didn't
realize that 3-way speakers would
not sit flush. I still have the
original speakers on a shelf in
the shed and never took the
original wiring out. The original
and floor mats are still
beautiful. I also have the
original owner's manual. Car also
has an
aftermarket hands-free Bluetooth
and works for anything from the
playlists in a mobile device to
receiving calls while cruising the
highway. Also had ac system
switched over to use 134a.
Speaking of cruising, car
got a brand new set of tires in
October 2017. Brand new left
front cv axle. New brakes added
all around in January. Rochester
quadrajet rebuilt with all new
parts July 2019, newly refurbished
ac compressor added September
2019. Car is
being sold
to make space in my shop because
I've moved to a rural community,
don't drive it these days and
want to pay to store it elsewhere
nor move it outdoors. We also have
a lot of
deer that have no respect for the
road. Nice
specimen, what some
call a "ten footer." I had the
price higher than my real asking
price because I wasn't quite ready
to part with it. Name's Tim.
Feel free
to contact me with any questions.
Thanks for reading.