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1969 Chevrolet Impala
1969 Chevrolet Impala 4 door Hard Top
327 V-8 2 Barrel, 235 HP
350 Turbo Transmission , P/S, A/C
94,000 actual miles
Car was re-painted by second owner, have owned the car since 2003
Has the following new parts
4 new coil springs / 4 new shocks
New brake shoes on all 4 wheels
Rebuilt wheel cylinders on all 4 wheels
4 new tires mounted / balanced 02-09-2019
New 5 year battery / cables 02-09-2019
2 new front brake hoses
2 new front grease seals/repacked bearings
2 new sway bar bushings
2 new sway bar end link bushings
New ATF fluid, filter, gasket, rear end grease,gasket
New battery box, hold down clamp, bolt
New Cloyes double roller timing chain and gear / new gasket
New radiator, and cap / new anti freeze
New water temp sending unit / New water pump
New thermostat and housing
New upper / lower radiator hoses / New heater hoses
New fuel pump / New belts
New spark plugs / New plug wires New coil
Rebuilt carb / New Fram Air Hog filter
New vacuum advance
New valve cover gaskets, intake gasket.
New blower motor
New receiver drier / orifice valve / recharged air
New exhaust pipe / muffler / tail pipe
New upper ”A” flaps
New soft seal trunk weather stripping/rear bumper moldings
New oil pressure sending unit, hood insulation blanket, gas cap, new wheel well moldings,new fuel level sending unit
Original 3 piece hubcaps,original owners manual. new master cylinder
All original glass
No dealers/brokers/trades