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1977 Chevrolet Corvette
Interior Color:
Dark Brown

Exterior Color:
Classic White

1977 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe  Mention the name Corvette and immediately someone in the conversation will perk up and pay attention.  It\'s a timeless American sports car, and has gone through several personality changes.  From the 2 seat coupe when first introduced, to a fast 50\'s classic, to the Stingray Versions of the 1960\'s and Early 1970\'s.  By the 24th year, engineers were  all but finished muddling through the power struggle with emissions.  For consignment A C3 version from 1977 and later in the year built as the engine color went from standard orange to the new blue, and this one is blue.  Overall good condition on the exterior, a favorite design version of this writer with all rounded edges and a beautiful profile and stance.  Plenty of recent engine work as per the consigner, and a T topper for removal and let the sun shine in! ***Due to modifications of the emissions control devices installed by the manufacturer, please check your local, state, and federal laws to determine if this vehicle is applicable for use on public highways in your area.***   Exterior Bathed in Chevrolet Classic White, the paint is looking a bit aged in places with some cracking and crazing, as well as chip offs especially on the neoprene bumpers.  Coves just behind the front wheels flare into the fender nicely and move upward to form the curved fender that melts into the hood area, which also houses the hidden headlights.  A coke bottle design really showing on the rockers with a thin accenting black stripe.  On top, the T style roof with removable panels is an option on this car.  Those flying buttresses panels are seen angling toward the rear deck where a chromed luggage rack is perched.  A wonderfully rounded rear roll pan all in neoprene houses round tail lights.  Some serious paint chip off is noted on this rear bumper.  15-inch Chevrolet rally wheels are all around and wrapped in raised white letter Stinger Radial GTS, 215/70R15\'s all around. Interior Peering through the removable t top we see original dark brown leather covering the sleek thin high back buckets which are in nice condition.  These are fronted by an angled dash that has a center console extension which houses several gauges, (5 to be exact), in the center just above the shift lever.  An AM/FM/Cassette player is inserted here as well.  Deeply embedded circular gauges are in front of the driver and the original brown leather covered steering wheel.  The dash is also brown and is seen in good condition with no cracks or fading.  Brown carpet covers the floors and is in generally good condition   On the passengers side, no glovebox, but dual storage pouches are conveniently located in the dash.  Some options include factory air conditioning, power steering, power brakes and power windows.  As we exit sleek door panels in brown leather and molded vinyl with some black accenting and chrome framing swing behind us buttoning up the interior. Drivetrain A numbers matching 350ci V8 L48 with a single Rochester quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor and a numbers matching TH350 3-speed automatic transmission, and a 3.08 positraction rear axle, make up the drivetrain.  The mill, as per the consigner, has a new camshaft and lifters, new engine seal kit, and rear main seal, new motor mounts and alternator. Undercarriage Some patina light surface rust, and a red painted framework is noted with some side rail invasive rust seen in front of the driver\'s side rear wheel well.  Other framework in this car seem to have had previous repairs, however to what extent is difficult to tell due to being painted over.  Independent coil spring front suspension, and fully independent rear suspension.  Power disc braking is in all 4 corners.  The dual exhaust shows a catalytic converter as well as muffler delete.  Also the consignor states that upper and lower ball joints were replaced. Drive-Ability This car starts quickly, and runs very nicely.  It is a nice comfortable interior