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1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle

1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle. This car has been with my family for about eight years now. While the car runs and drives quite well, I\'d like to stress in advance that it\'s not perfect, and probably isn\'t ideal for someone who needs to rely on it every day to get from A to B. To be enjoyed relibly, it probably needs a tune up and a little bit of rust removal work. To be a work of art, it might not need a pan-off restore but it might need a fresh coat of paint and a fair amount of TLC. To the best of my knowledge, it has just over 100k miles on the chassis (it just rolled over about 1000 miles ago), though it has pretty clearly been restored in its past. There’s POR-15 coating on the underbody and inside the trunk and fenders, all non-standard. The engine has been fully rebuilt (by myself), and it has less than 10k miles on it. Some new top-end components were added about five years and have very few miles on them (2-3k estimated). With the upgrades, it pulls quite hard compared to a stock VW Beetle and its sounds will make you smile from ear to ear. -------------------- Engine Work -------------------- Some details regarding the engine rebuild can be found below: * Original case (bearing seats were in good condition and the case has not and was not line bored) * “Bored” to 1776cc with new Mahle pistons (+ new rods) * New dual port heads (forgetting the brand) * New Scat C25 cam * Sandblasted and repainted all tins * Gene-Berg full-flow oil system with remote mount high-flow oil filter * CB Performance Dual Weber ICF 44s * New Bosch 009 style distributor * CB Performance 1 1/2\' Flanged Pro-Flow Street exhaust (includes higher flow * heater boxes) * Custom Speedhut gauges mounted in dash (tach, oil pressure, oil temperature) * CB Performance serpentine belt system * Stage 1 Kennedy Clutch with new clutch disc * CB Performance rotary fuel pump with custom 1980’s VW fuel pump relay * Other misc. CB Performance trim pieces (oil breather, pulley, etc.)