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1953 Ford Crown Victoria
Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Sky Blue

1953 Ford Crown Victoria   1953 was Ford\'s 50th anniversary.  The big news for 1953 was the availability of power-assisted brakes and steering, which had previously been limited to the Mercury and Lincoln lines.  The center grill bullet lost its ring and was now flanked by vertical black stripes while the corner markers were plain rectangular lights rather than the circular intakes.   All 1953 Fords featured commemorative steering wheels marking the company\'s 50th anniversary.  Mechanical changes included two-inch wider tread, and a k-bar frame with five cross-members.  William Clay Ford paced the Indianapolis 500 in a Sunliner convertible with a dummy Continental tire kit (Coronado kit).  This was also the last year for real wood trim on the Country Squire wagon.  Toward the end of the year, Ford added Master-Guide power steering as an option on cars with V8s.  Full instrumentation was still used.  An unusual service provided by Ford was that the radio preset buttons would already be set to local stations by the dealer.  The heater was $74. For consignment a non running barn find in the form of a 1953 50th Ford Anniversary Crown Victoria.  All the basics are there for someone to take on a restoration or make a really cool lead sled which these tend to turn out nicely as.  No top end to the motor, and plenty of rust bubbling and cracking in the bottom end metal surfaces of this car.  Believed to be a mere 18,709 original miles on the odometer, a nice blue color way, a very nice blue interior, mostly original with just a few smudges but mostly unremarkable. Restorers start your engines! * Please Note: NO TITLE-SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE ONLY* Exterior A fairly simple design definitely made it even simpler for 1953.  From its scantily clad front grille and bumper below to the single headlights on the integrated fenders and non hood ornament economy was the buzz word for this Crown Vic.  Even the 6 cylinder engine was called the Mileage Maker.  Some faded trim spears work their way rearward and come to an abrupt stop at the edge of the doors.  On the back fender is a stainless steel trimming that covers a bump on the rear quarter just prior to the wheel well.  Typical of the Crown Victoria line, wide stainless trimmings surround all the glass, including the iconic curved wraparound rear glass.  On back are a single round taillight topping the edge of a rounded quarter panel no fins yet here!  Standard Ford dog dish wheel covers have wide white bias ply tires on all 4 corners. Interior Looking surprisingly snappy all in blue for the dash which sports an upside down horseshoe shaped instrument cluster bump up.  A centrally mounted radio is in the dash front and just above a nice round clock.  Broadcloth inserts with smooth vinyl bolsters bordered and delineated by some piping show up in shades of tri tone blue.  A rear bench presents the same as the front seating.  Fronting the dash is a 50th Ford anniversary steering wheel with a half round horn  inner circle.  Dark blue carpeting covers the floors and a light blue headliner above is nice and tight. Drivetrain Under the hood is a 239ci V8 which is missing its top end.  It would have a 2 barrel carburetor on top, but currently it resides in the trunk with other various and sundry parts.  On the back is a 3 speed manual transmission with overdrive, actuated with a tree shift lever.  Out back is a 4.10 rear axle. Undercarriage A heavy coating of surface rust abounds underneath. Except for a few body hangers, there is no invasive rust and the frame is sound.  Independent coil springs and leaf springs provide the ride and drum brakes are on all 4 corners.  A glass pack style dual exhaust runs from engine to rear of this vehicle. A barn find with a nicely appointed interior, and no top end to the engine.  Could be a restoration project or taken a step further and make it into some low riding lead sled.  An open palette for the Blue Oval classic aficionado. *