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2013 Chevrolet Custom '67
Think you've already seen the best restomods
around? Think again. This 2013 Chevrolet
Corvette built by the pros at Karl's Kustoms
keeps the iconic C2 silhouette, but it's now
powered by a powerful LS3 engine and 6-speed
automatic transmission that sit atop a modern
Corvette chassis. Once you realize how
amazing this build is, make room in your
trophy case.

Even from just a quick glance everyone will
know this Sting Ray is special. The Blade
Silver paint takes advantage of the most
modern clearcoat practices so you get a deep
sparkle that's also so slippery you'll swear
it was applied with baby oil. The '67 was the
perfect body to pay homage to for this
project, as it's one of the most popular of
the iconic 2nd generation Corvettes. And
because these were hand-assembled by Karl's
Kustoms, they really took the time to get it
right. So, the panels have a terrific fit
that give you the crisp crease around the
whole body that the C2 was famous for. And as
you look closer, you'll love the details.
Two-piece mirror-like chrome bumpers, fuel
Injection badging, electric flip-up
headlights that house low profile projector
beam headlights, and of course, the big
beautiful rear window. An auspicious restomod
build like this always needs to take a few
liberties, but they just flow perfectly and
pay close homage to the original C2 design.
Modern door handles, an aggressive stinger
hood, and four-pronged exhaust trumpets out
back look awesome, and the stance is
aggressive enough to preview the monster that
lives under the hood. This Corvette also
retains practical features like the front
fender gills and large chrome wheels to make
sure that this retro machine is still a
modern performance juggernaut.

While it's retro on the outside, the inside
is all about modern performance and comfort.
The C2 had some nice options at the time like
power windows and an AM/FM stereo, but this
one shows what nearly a half-century of
progress feels like. This coupe's special
black leather bucket seats provide the
perfect balance of sports car bolstering and
all-day comfort padding. And you can power
adjust yours to the perfect driving position.
A proper limited edition car like this also
needs to come with all your favorite
features, and it includes dual zone climate
control, leather-wrapped steering wheel, dual
airbags, AM/FM/CD changer stereo, power
windows, power locks, anti-theft system,
keyless entry, and keyless ignition, just to
name a few. There's even the convenient
windshield head up display (HUD), so you can
keep your eyes on the road when testing the
limits of the instruments. And while the
original Sting Ray didn't have a trunk
opening, this one opens wide enough for easy
baggage loading, so feel free to take this
cool retro machine on a weekend getaway for

Everywhere you park, you won't be able to
resist lifting the hood and showing off this
exceptional engine bay. With the fully
detailed presentation and every inch stuffed
modern LS3 power, it's the perfect mix of
style and substance. So besides just looking
great, you're going to love driving this one.
The 6.2-liter fuel-injected power plant is a
GM performance motor that makes 430 hp right
out of the box, and on this lightweight body
it's more than you'll ever need. A custom X-
pipe dual exhaust provides a wonderful note
at idle and get ready for complaints from the
neighbors from all the neutral revs you'll be
doing in the driveway. Handling all this
extra power is GM's 6L80 six-speed automatic
transmission w/overdrive, and not only is
that the same unit you would get if you
ordered a 2013 Corvette with an automatic,
but also you can still take full control over
this powerful V8 thanks to the paddle
shifters on the steering wheel. Out on the
road, this handles like no C2 that you know,
since the chassis from a C6 was completely
swapped in by the pros at Karl's Kustoms as
well. Plus, the modern power steering and
power four-wheel disc brakes give this first-
generation car some very modern moves. And
you might want to take some real time to look
over all of this in the undercarriage photos,
because there was a TON of $$$$$ getting this
performance suspension cleaned and ready for
prime time. The look is finished beautifully
with a staggered set of chrome five-spoke
Corvette wheels, wrapped in Goodyear
performance radials.

This is a different caliber of custom car,
built by serious people FOR serious people.
Hands down, it's the one that will turn all
the heads at the next car show. Dialed-in and
barely broken-in with just 15,797 miles on
the clock since it was completed, this custom
Corvette is ready for years of car-show
dominance. Call now!