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1931 Ford Model A
Engine: 201 CI 4 Cylinder


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

We like this 1931 Ford Model A Rumble Seat Coupe because the time and care in this one have been all about making a car that\'s an authentic and usable way to experience 1930s motoring. Rumble seat coupes always have an extra degree of cool. It\'s not just about the iconic fold-up seat in the rear, but also there\'s a terrific vintage appearance that comes from the coupe\'s unique silhouette. And this one loves to be a true classic. The paint is aged and well-worn. You could certainly use the value price to budget for a respray, but we already like what this presents. After all, car wax was more than a decade away when this came from Henry Ford\'s factory. Cars were more utilitarian, and so the age and use seen in the chrome and finish makes it feel like the way they used them in the 1930s. That\'s what helps keep the car looking authentic. Plus, the good body lines, well-fitting vinyl roof covers, and bold yellow wire wheels (including the spare on the rear,) make this coupe distinct no matter your plans for it. The interior is part of the inviting attitude. The bench seat keeps the classic style, but it has the cleaner style of a newer investment. The door panels, trim panels, and headliner also show well. The large steering wheel, tall shifter, and pop-out windshield are all part of the vintage charm. And of course, the rumble seat in the rear is what\'s going to get you invited to parades. It\'s nicely done with good details like the side step plates, grab bars, and vinyl upholstery to be more durable outdoors. Part of what really helps you understand the cruiser style comes from looking under the hood. The 201 cubic-inch motor has the honest appearance of a real driver. And as you notice the newer plugs, wires, belt, and whitewall tires, you can see how this was refreshed to keep that hardy reputation of the Model A going. There\'s even an upgrade to an alternator. So the idea is to have a well-maintained robustness without losing the classic Model A feel. The chug of the exhaust note, the truthful manual steering, and the steely action of the three-speed manual transmission are a true pure sense of 1930s driving. There have been the right investments in this rumble seat coupe that make it a true driver while never losing its iconic identity. And it\'s this authenticity that makes it irresistible. Call today!!!