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1929 Ford Model A
Engine: 200 CI Inline 4


Interior Color:

Exterior Color:

It\'s a special feeling when you can find such an authentically presented 1929 Ford Model A five-window coupe. After all, with every chug of the motor, this two-tone classic connects you to a bygone era, and that will make you smile with every mile. The paint is exactly how you want a vintage car like this to look. The Model A was all about adding more style over the Model T while still delivering the kind of car that was easy to drive. So you still get the Henry Ford steel body, but this one trades some simplicity for style. You see it in the two-tone red and black that is so nicely intertwined on the body. The red is used for the main body and wire wheels. The black is introduced on the fenders, and then it returns for accents like the full pinstriping, windshield overhand, and vinyl roof. It\'s attractive without being too flashy -- exactly what a ford is supposed to be. So nothing is overly glossy and even the bumper and grille are painted silver. It makes for a more cruiser kind of feeling. It helps with a feeling of authenticity that\'s furthered by details like the step plates, whitewalls, and classic MotoMeter radiator cap. The appeal of the Model A was that it was also a more comfortable car, and so the interior reminds you of that while still never losing the tie capsule feeling. That means good carpeting, tidy door panels, a taut headliner, newer upholstery, and an overall clean style. But you\'re still going to tilt the windshield and roll down the side windows to get your ventilation the way your family did a few generations ago. The large steering wheel, tall shifter, and bright dash panel all are part of that feeling that instantly connects you with a bygone era. Ford\'s 200 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine looks thoroughly authentic in the engine bay. This motor is all about torque, and the over-achieving little machine makes a distinctive sound that\'s been beloved for generations. It happily pulls this coupe around without working too hard and is great for a Sunday jaunt or a parade route. The three-speed manual transmission shifts cleanly with a hardy mechanical action, and the brakes are effective for a vehicle with modest performance and light weight. Complete with maintenance records, this is a two-tone true classic that has a terrific cruiser-ready style So if you want to drive a time capsule, call today!