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1967 Ford Mustang
Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Pebble Beige

1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop   The mustang is a free-roaming horse of the Western United States, descended from horses brought to the Americas by the Spanish.  Mustangs are often referred to as wild horses, but because they are descended from once-domesticated animals, they are actually feral horses.  The original mustangs were colonial Spanish horses, but many other breeds and types of horses contributed to the modern mustang, now resulting in varying phenotypes.  Some free-roaming horses are relatively unchanged from the original Spanish stock, most strongly represented in the most isolated populations.  These were the preferred horses of the US Cavalry.  For consignment, a 1967 example of the Mustang which is sporting all its original steel with consignor stated no bondo, and when completely restored, careful attention  was paid to making use of all original or NOS parts right down to the paint, which is actually a factory color, but applied much more carefully.  All mechanicals were completely rebuilt, and this is a multiple award winning car.  Those awards are an AACA Senior, AACA Grand National Senior, and a Regional 1st Place win, (the consignor wishes to retain the badges when the car sells) along with a slew of other AACA and MCA awards.  Check it out, all photos and documentation of the restoration are coming with the car, along with a list and awards earned over the 27 year ownership reign of the consigner. Exterior As noted meticulously restored in 1997, all panels are original and were stripped down to bare steel, no bondo added or needed, then bathed in factory correct Pebble Beige.  The Pebble Beige paint is excellent, gaps are well minded, and the design has changed a bit from the first generation of this car.  Mainly on the back of the car where the tail lighting went to an inverted V format.  Chrome is excellent all around, stainless is all polished and pristine, and badging is all correct.  The rear quarter hockey stick cove has dual vents.  Not a Cobra Jet, not muscled or modded, just a 6 cylinder example to show what the majority of consumers actually bought.  No fluff, just pure Mustang right out of 1967. Interior Opening the doors we are taken again back in time and see what the customer saw in the showroom in 1967.  Parchment color was used on the door panels and interior seating as well as the dash.  It is all in perfect condition with low back buckets that sport tuck and roll inserts, and smooth bolsters and backs.  A chrome accenting is covering the hinge for the seats.  The dash is showing with a black dash top and some parchment paint below and is all original.  Changes for this year were 2 large round gauges on either side of the steering column and a trio of round smaller gauges stretched out across the dash front top.  This car has in dash factory AC and the only change from the original ordered car is the radio which is now an AM/FM mono radio.  Stereo FM would come in 1968.  Black carpeting covers the floors, and above an original parchment headliner  is nice and tight.  This is a 3-speed manual transmission car and the shifter is on the hump reaching for the driver who holds on to the original steering wheel, also presenting like new.   Drivetrain Under the hood is the factory condition engine bay in black and in the center is an inline 6 cylinder 200ci engine.  It has a beautifully painted blue block and valve covering as well as a round no snout air cleaner covering.  Hoses and wiring are nice and supple, and AC is snaking through the compartment.  On top is a 1 barrel carburetor and on back is the 3 speed manual transmission with a 3.20 geared rear axle.  All correct and all original but completely rebuilt. Undercarriage All completely pristine with lots of red oxide paint, black sealer and no rust components which include front independent coil springs and rear leaf springs.  Drum braking is all around and a like new stock exhaust is on for the exhale.  You will need a