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1930 Ford Model A
Interior Color:

Exterior Color:
Mercedes Velvet Red

1930 Model A Pickup  The Ford Model A can be found in many iterations: coupe, to a roadster, to a sedan to a pickup.  Henry Ford had a solid base in the Model A and appeased the masses with various options on that frame.  Also, as with many older versions of cars, so many visual customization modifications have been done, that the original showroom look has been long gone.   For consignment, a hot rodded 1930 Model A Pickup.  Some original panels and some Brookville fabricated aftermarket parts make up this snappy rod, and it is in excellent restored condition only now a hot rod truck version.  Read on for all the excitement of this homegrown blue oval custom. Exterior The original 1930 body, doors and sun visor were gathered up and to them a 1928 grille shell, 1932 Guide headlights, and a Brookville bed, all sitting on a Brookville frame were added.  The truck is sans a cowled hood, and rightfully so, the new blinged out mill will not fit underneath!  From the front radiator shell with its black mesh surrounded by pristine 2014 Mercedes Velvet Red paint, flanked by the headlights lower on either side with the framing and suspension are out there for all the world to see.  The body has been channeled and chopped 2 inches for more of the effect of the hot rodder. The firewall and rearward is also all bathed in the velvet, and panels are straight and true.  A vinyl back roof is on, and as noted the Brookville bed is on and in fantastic condition with wood planks shiny and bright for the bed.   Metallic Dark Steel is reserved for the rear fenders and up front it\'s just bare tires and wheels in 6 inch steel form with some chromed accenting wrapped in black wall tires.  On the back, no bumper and just a Ford badged tailgate in gold painted accenting, and some large 245/70R16\'s bolted on with more moon caps and trim rings. Interior A swing of the doors for entry, and we see vertical tuck and roll black vinyl with chromed knobs and levers.  Seats are courtesy a curved black vinyl bench all with tuck and roll and nearly perfect condition. The dash has a velvet red eyebrow on top and in front, and in the center is a black  mask shaped instrument cluster complete with white faced modern gauges with red pointers and vintage type for the numbers and letters in black.  Black carpeting is on the floors, and a Lokar shifter reaches for the driver in the center.  Some pine 2x2 furring strips are on the headliner, and they have the black vinyl behind them above this interior. Drivetrain In front is now a powerful 401ci Buick V8 with a 6-pack of Stromberg 97 carbs using an Offenhauser intake manifold to feed the mill.  A TH400 3-speed automatic transmission is on back, and it is an ST400 version. The power is transferred rearward to the wheels via a Ford 9 inch 3.55 rear axle.  A green painted block has chromed ribbed valve coverings, chrome add ons and some shiny Sanderson headers and open pipes ending prior to the firewall on either side.  Wonderful bling not covered and for good reason! Undercarriage Pristine mounted on the Brookville chassis, nicely painted in the Velvet, and black texture painted floorboards with nary a dirt spot on them. Under the bed is the wood, and otherwise all is very nice underneath.  The build uses transverse leaf sprung front suspension, and ladder bars with coil overs on back, and 1966 Buick big fin drum braking all around. Drive-Ability A great driver, nice power, smooth shifting, and a head turner fer sur.  Nice build clean as a whistle. Not the ordinary 1930 Ford truck, this one looks great, uses an amalgamation of parts, (the quintessential hot rod mantra), and nice paint to give the overall effect.  Hop in, turn the key and drive away to a show, where you can start your collection of trophies. Classic Auto Mall is a 336,000-square foot classic and special interest automobile showroom, featuring over 650 vehicles for sale with showroom space for up to 1,000 vehicles. Also, a 4