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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Pricing & Rates
  2. Photo Management
  3. Sideways or Inverted Photos
  4. Ad Management
  5. Ad Renewal
  6. Buyer Inquiries
  7. Sold Listing Status
  8. Searching for Cars
  9. Find Specific Ad
  10. Auto Notify
  11. Retrieving Username & Password
  12. Vehicle Pricing & Book Values

Photo Management

In order to upload images to your ad, you must be logged in. Click here to login

  1. In your user area, click on "Edit Photos"
  2. Click on any blank space in the blue photo area.
  3. Find then select the image you want to load from your computer, and click “Open”.
  4. OR: skip steps 2 and 3 by clicking, holding, and dragging a photo from an open folder window directly into the blue photo area.
  5. To change the order, click, hold and drag uploaded photos into new positions.
  6. If necessary, you can rotate the photos using the rotation arrows below each image (hit “Save Photo Order” first, then return to “Edit Photos” and the rotation function will be activated).

Images may take a few seconds or several minutes to load, depending on the size of the file and your connection speed.

Repeat the above process for any additional photos you wish to upload. Your changes will take effect immediately.

Allowable file formats: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png

If you’re still having trouble uploading your photos, you can send them to us to insert in your ad.

By Email:
The quickest way is to email the images to this address:

Please include your Ad Number in the Subject or Body of your message.

Sideways or Inverted Photos

If you used an iPhone to take your photos, there’s a good chance the orientation of your pictures may be inverted or sideways. The iPhone allows you to use your volume button as a shutter release - unfortunately when you take photos with the buttons on top like you would with a regular camera, your iPhone is now actually upside down. Apple compensates for this by adding EXIF data to the photos that tells iTunes and other Apple software which way is up. Other operating systems and apps outside of the Apple ecosystem don’t necessarily use that EXIF data when displaying photos, so they appear the way they were taken: upside down.

Correct this problem by using the “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right” tools in the photo upload area of your account.

You can also contact us and we can fix your photos for you.

Ad Management

In order to edit or modify your ad on Old Car Online, please login here and follow these steps:

  1. In your User Area, click on “Edit Description”.
  2. Type any changes you wish to make into the appropriate field.
  3. When you are finished, click on “Update Listing” at the bottom of the form.

Your changes will take effect immediately. To see the updates you have made, click on “Preview Ad” in your User Area - a new window will open displaying your ad as other viewers will see it.

Note: using “Preview Ad” will not count as a hit on your ad.

Ad Renewal

Please Note: We do not hold any credit card numbers on file from past transactions.

In order to renew your ad on Old Car Online, please login here and follow these steps:

  1. In your User Area, click on “Upgrade / Renew” under “Manage This Ad”.
  2. Select an Ad Package.
  3. Select any additional options you want to include with your listing.
  4. Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the form.
  5. Choose you preferred method of payment - Paypal or credit card.

When payment is complete you will return to your User Area. Your changes will take effect immediately. You may have to refresh your browser to see the updates you have made (F5 on your keyboard).

Note: if you are not comfortable with online transactions,you can renew your ad by phoning your credit card information to us at: 1-800-677-4484 8:30am–5pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

Buyer Inquiries

We provide three possible contact methods for buyers to reach you: phone, text, and email. You can choose which method you wish to display on your ad, in any combination of one, two, or all three. Your email address is never displayed publically, instead buyers will fill out a short form that will be sent to your email address after we screen the messages for spam and scammers.

If you choose to reply to the buyer’s inquiry by email, your message will go straight to them and not through us, so your address will be available to them at that point.

Sold Status

If you sell your Vehicle you can login to your User Area and click on “Mark Sold”. Your ad will remain online for a few days with a red “SOLD” indication on it, then it will go offline automatically.

If you prefer, you can contact us and we can mark your ad as “SOLD” or take it offline for you. Please try and have you ad number ready when you call or email.

Find Specific Ad

Select “Search” on the right side of the top menu, enter the ad ID number and hit “Go”. The ad will appear as a search result listing, select it to view the ad.

Auto Notify

The Auto-Notify feature allows you to set up a personal search agent that will automatically send you new ads that match the keywords that you define. You must have an account with us and be logged in to set it up – just click on “Auto Notify” in your User Area.

User accounts are free, and you do not need to purchase an ad to keep an account with us.

Retrieving Username & Password

If you have lost or forgotten your username and password, you can retrieve them here by entering the email address you used when you signed up. Your login information will be sent to your email address.

Vehicle Pricing & Book Values

  1. Start with a price comparison of vehicles similar to yours by searching OldCarOnline.
  2. J.D. Power provides free retail book value information for all types of vehicles.
  3. Kelly Blue Book also provides retail valuations.