With winter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about car storage. Here are a few tips to help you store your car safely, so that it’s in tip-top condition for you in the spring.

Detail your car: Clean it well, inside and out.

Change or drain fluids: Once you have your car parked for the colder season, change or drain all of the fluids, preferably when the engine in still warm. Bleed your brakes and drain your fuel and cooling systems as well.

Fill universal joints with grease: Carefully apply fresh grease on all of the steering and suspension fittings, and be sure to pack the wheel bearings.

Remove your car’s battery: Once it’s removed, you can wash it down with baking soda and water. Afterwards, store it on a shelf in a dry place in your garage.

Remove the tires: Raise up the car and place jack stands under your car’s suspension points. Stack the tires and cover them.

Depress and lock the clutch: Use a 2×4 to lock the clutch into position by bracing it against the seat.

You’re almost finished! A few finishing touches, like putting an old rag in the tailpipe and placing open boxes of baking soda inside, and your car storage process is complete. Simply cover it and start looking forward to the spring. Winter weather and salt on roads is not the best match for every classic car so keep in mind our tips if you feel that storage may be best for your Old Car.