If you love classic cars, you’re probably aware that it doesn’t get more “classic” than the Chevy Corvette.

These amazing cars got their humble beginnings in 1953. Chevy only produced about 300 of them, and today, about 200 of these early models belong to various collectors. The early Corvettes didn’t have outside door handles, or side windows. During the first year of production they also were all white with a red interior.

As the years went by, many improvements were made to the Corvette. A rear suspension sway bar was added to improve handling, and before long, wheels became available in many colors – black, silver, beige, maroon, or red. By the late 60’s, front and rear disc brakes and headlight washers became standard in all models.

The 80’s saw an increase in the popularity of the Corvette, and the new, streamlined design and low profile hood gave the car the signature look we think of today.

Today, we see Corvettes with keyless entry, a vast array of color choices, and many of the steel parts have been replaced with aluminum parts to make the car even lighter.

It’s not unusual to see these classic cars at car shows, and they’re a great example of the beauty that surrounded classic car models years ago. Even now, the Chevy Corvette continues to capture the hearts of car enthusiasts everywhere.