It’s easy to get your car to shine when the paint job is brand-new. However, what about for cars you’ve had a while, or that have begun to show their age? How can you keep them looking beautiful when time is not on your side?

Six Requirements For A Great Shine

According to Autopia Car Care, there are six requirements for getting your car to really shine. They are:

  • Having paint in good condition
  • Having paint that’s contamination-free
  • Having polished paint
  • Having glazed paint
  • Having protected paint
  • Having waxed paint

To get your car’s paint to really look showroom new, it all starts with a good, old-fashioned wash and dry. Once you have done that, you can use a detailing clay to smooth out any contamination in the car’s surface. A scratch remover can be used to fix any flaws in your car’s paint job. Once your car is ready, a glaze can be applied to really bring out the shine. After that, it’s time to seal your car and apply a show car wax to finish it off.

This procedure is a time-tested method of getting a gorgeous shine on a classic car. Go ahead and give it a try! Be sure to check back with us at Old Car Online for even more classic car care tips.