Most classic car owners prefer to park their cars in a shady place to protect the paint job from direct sunlight. However, those who park their cars under a shade provided by a tree may have to deal with the possibility of bird droppings landing on their prized possessions.

Bird droppings are not just ordinary dirt. They are highly acidic, and they can cause considerable damage to the paint job of a car. The damage will become more serious if you allow the droppings to remain on the paint for a longer time. If you use a wet towel to wipe off the bird droppings, you may scratch the paint, because the droppings contain gravel.

The best way to remove bird droppings from the paint job of your classic car is to use salt-free seltzer water. Salt-free seltzer water consists of water and carbon dioxide, and it will not do any damage to car paint. Give the bottle a good shake and spray it on the droppings. There is no need to wipe the droppings, because the seltzer water will wash them off the paint.

If the bird droppings have been on your classic car for a long time and they have caused damage to the paint, you can use a good paint polish to repair the damage. Polish the paint with a scratch remover or a fine polishing compound, and then apply a coat of wax.