The GTO Association of America, or GTOAA, is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the Pontiac GTO, and it provides enthusiasts a lot of opportunities to meet and share their passion. It is presently the largest Pontiac GTO club in the world, and it has 41 chapters in more than 20 states in the US.

To facilitate the enjoyment of the GTO, chapters of the GTOAA organize many interesting GTO-related events throughout the year, including car shows, tours, rallies, and conventions. The GTOAA also offers its members an annual subscription to its popular Legend magazine. This award-winning magazine contains lots of technical information and useful tips for GTO owners, as well as a classified ads section. Members can also get technical tips from the GTOAA Technical Advisory staff, which can provide valuable advice on how to maintain and restore GTOS of all years and body styles. The club also has a store that offers a wide variety of GTO merchandise, and it gives special deals and discounts to members through its Vendor Discount Program.

If you are an owner or enthusiast of the Pontiac GTO, it is definitely worthwhile to become a member of the GTOAA. Membership fees start from $3.00 a month. You can get more information about the GTOAA and register for membership at the official website of the club.