When you think about classic cars, there are definitely certain makers and countries that come to mind. Ford- American. Chevrolet- American. Ferrari- Italian. There are not a lot of people who associate classic cars or their classic car collection with Cuba. And, there’s a good reason we don’t buy classics from Cuba, too.

CNBC reports that, while there are many- thousands- of American cars on the road in Cuba, car collectors are not flooding the borders to try to buy them. The reason started back in 1962 with the US embargo on Cuba. American companies were not allowed to do business with them and this made it impossible to get American cars or parts for cars.

While experts admire the ingenuity the Cubans have, they don’t rush to buy the American cars that are there. There is little value left in the car. With most of the value of a collectible car being in the originality of its parts- original body, panels, engine, transmission- then it makes sense to see why these cars stay in Cuba when usually, only the body is the only original part left. To replace almost all of a classic car can lower the value so much that it may be worth only ten percent of what it’s originally worth.

Cuban or not, collectors know how original a classic really is.

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