Car shows are to classic car lovers as candy is to kids. You don’t need it; but man-o-man do you want it! Classic car shows are a great place to connect with other classic car enthusiasts, get a line on hard to find parts, drool over cars you wish you had in your garage, and gain inspiration and tips on how to restore your current work-in-progress.

It’s All About the Cars!

Classic car shows are mainly about the cars, but many also offer seminars and workshops on restoration and maintenance techniques. And even if they don’t, you’ll find car owners more than willing to share their secrets and swap restoration tips. At many car shows you’ll also find find a row of vendors willing to sell or swap parts that Detroit stopped making years (decades?) ago. But, mostly, classic car shows are about checking out the cars and trading stories with folks who share your love of well-buffed paint and chrome!

Where to Find Shows

Start with the Classic Car Events Calendar on We maintain a continually updated listing of classic car shows and events in the U.S. and Canada. Many event notices are sent in by our site visitors so you will find a great selection of local car shows on the list, as well as major regional and national classic car shows.