Having and investing in a classic car is more than just putting money into it. There’s a lot of work to care for that car, to keep it looking clean and nice. There are often times you have to store it, perhaps for vacation, for the winter, or just to help preserve it. Whether you need to store your car for three months, a year or indefinitely, you should know how best to take care of your car while it’s not in use.

An article on Hagerty.com has an extensive list for three different stages of storing your vehicle. While each list is detailed, we have included a few points for each stage right here.

1. Stage I (up to three months): Top off the gas tank, put air in the tires, change the oil and filter, cover the car

2. Stage II (as long as a year): Applicable Stage I tips, plus: clean and detail, disconnect the battery, apply a fresh coat      of wax

3. Stage III (indefinitely): Applicable Stage I and II tips, plus: remove the battery, deflate the tires and cover them,          remove the spark plugs

No matter what stage, make a record of what’s been done and place that on the dash of the vehicle so the car can be restored back to operating condition. Be sure to read the complete lists in the article!

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