Combine great weather, classic cars, good food, some entertainment and you are sure to have a success, right? Planning for the best classic car shows begins months, and sometimes years, in advance. If you are looking for a great way to promote your business or raise money for charity, start your planning with these tips.

Set a budget

Try to anticipate every expense. You also need to know the number of classic cars required to break even. Be prepared to adjust your budget as the show nears and you anticipate a low turnout or lack of vendors.


You need an easily accessible location with lots of parking and public restrooms. Classic car shows are family events and you do not want people rushing off before spending money on food and raffles because their kids need to go potty.


Vendors can help make your show look more substantial and provide additional revenue.

Insurance and Permits

The permits and insurance required will vary by county or city. Be sure you begin the process of obtaining both well in advance.

Be prepared for things to go wrong. If you have ever organized events, you know the only thing you can control is how you respond to the unexpected. And be sure thousands of classic car enthusiast know about your event by listing on the Classic Car Events Calendar.