Vintage Car collectors go to some of the most beautiful spots in the world for shows and auctions. Places like Lake Como in the Italian Alps; Pebble Beach, California; Pierce, Nebraska….. Nebraska – the Cornhusker State? That’s right the time is fast approaching for the highly anticipated auction of classic Chevrolets found at the Lambrecht Dealership from that Nebraska community earlier this year.

Many of the vehicles there have very low mileage including fifty that have less than 20 miles on the odometer. The auction will be held in the town of Pierce but there will be access for online bidders as well. Part of the reason these cars are here is that the owner didn’t push out older models to make room for new ones – he kept them believing they may gain in price over the years. He may not have had an idea how much more considering some of these rarities may now bring in six figures from those enthusiastic bidders.

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