Think back to when you purchased your first classic car. Was there a reason you choose that particular car? Perhaps you were taken back to a time in your childhood that you remember with great fondness. Maybe your father owned that car, or you have another happy memory associated with it. No matter what immediately came to your mind, you had an emotional attachment.

There has been an increase in the demand for classic cars in recent years, and all of the experts say that this demand is because of those types of emotional attachments. According to a recent news article, demand is rising, and it’s not about to drop off anytime soon. Last year alone, classic car sales at auctions totaled $1.3 billion. The average classic car goes for more than $60,000, with some bringing in less and others costing much more.

Still, is there really a price tag you can place on your happy memories? Most classic car owners would say that there is not. During the years to come, we’re sure to see even more classic cars up for sale or auction. It’s always fun to enjoy the ride as more and more people discover their love for some of these incredible automobiles.

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