Some cars just have THAT look… the look that turns heads and makes everyone wonder what it would have been like to live during that time.

A 1930 DuPont G Town Car by Merrimac. Some of of you are even picturing it now, in wonder. This was a luxury car, selling for more than a house would sell in the 1930s. One of only 30 of the 537 cars produced by DuPont between 1919 and 1931 that is still left today, owner Jack Nethercutt was asked to bring it to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday.

In 1956, Jack’s dad, J.B., bought the DuPont. While waiting for a different car to be delivered, J.B. noticed the DuPont for sale for just $500. J.B. put $65,00 and 18 months into restoring it, but it was worth it to him. When finished, he and his wife took the car to the Grand Classic Car Club of America show. The horn not working was the only thing that caused the judges to take points off and they earned a total of 99 3/4 points at the show. And in 1958, they drove it to Pebble Beach with a working horn. Jack says the car has made the trip to Pebble Beach every year except for two when he and his father have owned it, winning many awards.

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