Imagine being able to see someone else’s classic car collection any time you want, without having an invitation. Some of us would go every day, getting ideas, imagining the cars being in our collection and maybe even trying to convince the owner to sell. But this is exactly what you can do at a new museum that will open soon in Hannibal, MO.

According to the Hannibal-Courier Post, Steve Karlock is co-owner of the building that is being transformed into a new museum. The building that used to be a large produce business will soon be home to many classics including classic autos, jukeboxes and other collectibles. Steve and his wife plan to bring 20 to 24 classic cars and other displays to show in the museum.

Many of the vehicles Karlock restored himself. Some of those that will be on display include:

  • Lincoln Zephyr, coupe style, made in 1940
  • 1941 Buick from Montreal, one of Karlock’s favorites, with only 26,000 miles on the odometer
  • Kaiser- Darrin roadster, circa 1954

The museum will welcome people with stained glass doors and neon lights at the entrance, as well as the Pontiac, Hudson and Kaiser logos. Karlock also wants a restoration bay so visitors can watch a car being restored.

The museum will be completed “as soon as possible” according to the Karlocks.

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