Perhaps the time has come for you to sell your classic car. This can be difficult because classic car owners have a strong passion for their cars. However, whether you don’t have the time to dedicate to your car, or you need to sell it because you have your eye on another one, placing an excellent ad will ensure a quick sale to a good home. Here are a few classic car sales tips to help you sell your car.

Tip #1: Give a complete description

Your ad might cost more, but give as many details as you can. How long have you had it? How much work have you put into it? How much work still needs to be done? The more details you can offer, the better your chances are of finding an interested buyer.

Tip #2: Pictures

Your words are important, but pictures speak volumes. If you can, try and add a color photo to give potential buyers an accurate visual representation of your car.

Tip #3: Location

Many car clubs have monthly or bi-monthly newsletters they release with a classified ads section. These are great places to put your ads because more interested people will see them, resulting in a quick sale.

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