Taking care of a soft top can seem like a hard task, but it’s all about sticking to a good cleaning routine. For classic cars and restoration projects, focus on keeping off dirt and debris while also protecting against any future damage.

Here’s how to care for your classic car’s soft top:

1. Start with a thorough but gentle clean. Use a wash designed for the right type of material (vinyl or cloth).

2. Add a sealing protectant after the soft top has been cleaned and fully dried. The protectant will keep off soil, bird droppings, grease and various other elements, while protecting the fabric’s color from fading.

3. Re-apply the protectant annually. Hose down and vacuum the top as needed.

4. Gentle cleaning with water typically works well enough—older soft tops may not stand up well to harsh chemicals.

5. Whenever you wash the top, make sure it dries completely. Park it outside to dry in open air.

6.  Brush off rain and snow. Precipitation may be slightly acidic and dirtier than you think.

Make cleaning and caring for your soft top convertible part of your regular classic car restoration routine. A little effort toward conserving the look and quality of a soft top will pay off by improving the overall appearance of your beloved ride.

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